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life UNpacked is the future of consumption.

We believe in a world where everyone is connected to the environment and cares for it like their own backyard.

Every day we are bombarded by messages - do this, do that, buy this, look a certain way, try this food, drive this car, wear this jacket, travel to this destination - it is seemingly never-ending. 

These messages and interactions spark thoughts, options, and choices, and it is this constant stream of seemingly insignificant choices that create the people we are today and the world that surrounds us.

If you've heard of the "Compound Effect" (often used to explain the building of wealth) you'll know that choosing to take a penny now and double the amount every day for the next 30 days will yield a greater return than taking $1 million upfront.

Just like money that grows in a savings account, our health also improves or declines by our choices. One dessert every so often doesn't add up to much, but eating a small dessert every night can lead to a massive increase in calories, undetectably moving a person from a healthy weight to being overweight.

In this same way, the decisions we make when it comes to what we purchase and how much plastic we use day-to-day will compound. If everyone incrementally reduces the number of products they buy that contain plastic, are wrapped in plastic, or are made from plastic, we can together create an exponential change.