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LHT Holdings Limited is a publicly listed company that has been in the timber industry for more than 20 years. Established in 1977, LHT has grown to be a leader in the industry with an annual turnover of more than S$30,000,000 and is also one of the largest manufacturing company of high quality wooden pallets, boxes and crates in Singapore. Sited on a 63,568 sq m land, LHT has a staff strength of 180 involves in the areas of administration, manufacturing and warehousing. In 1997, LHT was awarded ISO 9002 certification on the quality management system on the manufacture, purchase and supply of wooden pallets, cases and crates, and Technical Woods. In 2001, LHT was further awarded ISO 14001 certification on its environment management system that indicates its commitment towards environmental excellence, The Company was also awarded the Enterprise 50 Award in 1995 and 1996 respectively. As part of its ongoing efforts to reduce waste and to protect the precious timber resources of the earth, LHT has established the Singapore’s first wood wastes recycling plant equipped with highly automated system from Germany to produce a series of Technical Wood products. With the high technology involved, the products have the advantage of being consistent in color, texture and high density. Wood cracks, mould and insect attacks are prevented through strict process of treatment and drying. The products are therefore ideal for furniture, building material and heavy-duty industrial usage.