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Our co-founders Joey Li and Thuta Khin met during their masters at City University and both found a passion for wanting to start a business that inspired people to do good and give back. As every start up, you go through your obstacles and pivots.

Leiho was originally called Gentlemental Socks.

Not every start up idea is great or sometimes it’s just bad timing.

Joey and Thuta soon learned that clean socks were the most requested items of clothing at homeless shelters. So they pivoted the business and launched Leiho. For every pair of socks sold, they gave another pair to a homeless shelter.

When lockdown hit and sales were growing, they found that vulnerable communities needed more than just a pair of socks. 


A brand raising awareness for men suffering from mental health.

Today, Leiho is a social enterprise helping fund employment, skill building and personal development projects to help people gain experience to rebuild their lives.

On top of that, we donate basic essentials ranging from underwear, socks, thermals, toiletries and hot meals to those without a home.


Help support a dream and join us in building a business with purpose.

Everyday eco-friendly essentials that helps to fund impact projects and provide warmth and hygiene for people in need.



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