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In Construction - Lahirumal Bricks can be cut, drilled and nailed by using normal hand tools: power tools can be used for rapid routing for the embedment of services. Lahirumal Bricks can be cut to virtually any shape or angle making it extremely flexible. Lahirumal Bricks is so strong; its walls do not need to be reinforced with cement, lime or sand.

In Discarding - Lahirumal Bricks does not contain any toxic substances. Today, recycling has become.

Strong - Lahirumal Bricks has a high strength to weight ratio, with a characteristic strength of >3.5 MPa. Lahirumal Bricks takes the natural strength of Earth and reinforces it with the most modern technology to give you a product that is much superior in strength to other commonly used building materials.

Unique - Lahirumal Bricks is unique in terms of its size, shape and the shades it comes in. Its unique interlocking feature reduces construction time and cost substantially and gives a unique finish. Lahirumal Bricks unique composition means that your home will be more comfortable, all year round. Using Lahirumal Bricks will give you the opportunity of being novel and different among the rest.

Beautiful - Lahirumal Bricks saves energy. There for it help to save money. The air bubbles trapped in Lahirumal Bricks give it thermal insulation properties many times better than conventional concrete or brick. less artificial heating and cooling to maintain a comfortable inside temperature. 

Buildings constructed with Lahirumal Bricks will be cooler in summer and warmer in winter. As a result the building's energy use will be lower, and the need for extra insulation can be avoided in most cases


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