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It’s no coincidence that Kwikot have been the market leaders in domestic and industrial hot water storage systems. Established in 1903 and ever since, the company has been on a continuous path of innovation and the manufacturer and importer of high quality products.

As a supplier of heat pumps and geysers – including solar geysers – across South Africa and neighbouring countries, only the very best products have been marketed and sold.

Kwikot has not taken its position at the forefront of the industry lightly: it has always strived to improve and develop new and more efficient technologies. This has been achieved by maintaining a robust new product development program over many decades.

Kwikot’s commitment to quality has been proven by the fact that it was the first company to manufacture electric water heaters to the South African National Standards specification (SANS 151) – previously the South African Bureau of Standards. It was also the first company to obtain the SABS 600kPa mark of approval. The company has been associated with the South African Bureau of Standards for over 60 years.

Focus has always been on the future. The strategic direction was defined by a focus on core competencies and market intelligence, and to continually add value to the company and its shareholders, to the benefit of its suppliers, customers, and ultimately the end user.

By coordinating activities through information sharing and a proactive response to market trends, this ensured the ongoing competitiveness of the company. Kwikot has focused on making use of the latest advances in technology to ensure that its products are as effective and efficient as possible. This included being able to employ the latest geyser manufacturing technologies thanks to technology transfer agreements with Europe-based geyser manufacturers. Throughout the history of Kwikot, this approach has kept the company at the forefront of the industry.

In 1971, Kwikot was the first to introduce high pressure geysers into the South African market. This was made possible thanks to wet enamel coating technology developed in partnership with German manufacturers. In 1999, a further step was taken, by commissioning the first continuous dry enamel electrostatic coating line. This allowed for increased production, quality and efficiency.

In 2007, a second continuous electrostatic coating line was commissioned. This line benefitted from further technology enhancements, resulting in further gains in quality and efficiency. A fully automated boiler welding and assembly line was commissioned in August 2008 to complement the current manufacturing capabilities.

Kwikot has a world-class modern ISO 9001 accredited manufacturing facility situated in Benoni, South Africa. The factory totals 80,000 m2 and boasts one of the most technologically advanced enamelling plants in the world. This facility is the material proof of its commitment to quality.

The manufacturing facility is geared towards ensuring that high quality standards are consistently met and that all products comply with SANS standards. The facility has continuously been upgraded, ensuring that Kwikot retains its status as the innovative leader in hot water systems.

From 2005 to 2016, the company embarked on a major new product drive, by introducing products allied to the plumbing industry, such as domestic stainless steel sinks, commercial stainless steel products, domestic and industrial heat pumps, instant boiling water dispensers, gas water heaters, integrated domestic heat pumps and last of all a range of domestic taps and mixers. These products have increased the company’s product offering within the plumbing industry whilst lesson the company’s reliance on its core business, electric water heaters. All of these new products are imported and branded under the Kwikot banner.


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