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Since 1992 KE-ZU has been devoted to supplying furniture from around the world to the Australian market, helping people live, work and relax better – all the while fostering a strong and lasting commitment to environmental best practice and products. KE-ZU is especially committed to ensuring the furniture and its packaging has been designed and manufactured with considerable thought to ecology. This commitment is continued through the life cycle of the product with the assembly and upholstery of the nominated products generally conducted by approved trades, locally. At the end of a product’s life cycle, KE-ZU is committed to extending the worth of the item by voluntarily taking back products to refurbish, dispose of or recycle in an environmentally responsible manner. There are various constituent materials involved with the manufacturing of the KE-ZU Pty Ltd products depending upon their specific design, with the nominated products generally making conscious use of powder coated frames, recycled and recyclable polymers, biodegrabable adhesives, non-chromed steel and/or aluminium components. KE-ZU has carefully sourced this superior range of furniture from overseas under exclusive distribution arrangements