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Sustainable Kid's Clothing

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100% organic kids clothing and sustainable children's toys since 2005.

Kapbula Organics offers high-quality fashionable clothing for newborns and young children at affordable prices.

Now is the time to switch to sustainable fashion for your little ones!

Organic Farming

Cotton is one of the most toxic crops, as its' production procedure needs lots of pesticides. Whereas GOTS certified organic cotton is purer and chemical-free. With organic cotton production, we achieve clean air, water, and soil for clean food, better nature, and healthier people.

Also, we must add this organic cotton production helps saving water and energy as well. Not only the nature benefits from this organic cotton production but also the producers and consumers benefit a lot. 


There are two types of fabrics that we use for our Kapbula production. The first one is GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) Certified Organic Cotton fabric and the second is GRS(Global Recycle Standard) Certified Recycled Plastic Fabric.

We source our fabrics from Turkey, our long-term business partners, producing high-quality materials with the proper certifications.

The first rule to a high-quality product is to use high-quality materials. We worked hard to build this supply chain for long years. We are happy to have more and more satisfied and returning customers


The second rule to a high-quality product is to use high-quality craftsmanship. We build a system that we can allocate styles to different producers according to their abilities. We focus on small producers under our roof to produce the best they can and do this all year round, so we provide them with "Sustainable Income." With this production model, both parties benefits. We are receiving tailor-made, high-quality garments, and they survive with sustainable income, not crushed under the mass production price pressure.

Slow Fashion

We, as Kapbula do not produce "Fast Fashion." The essential things in our styles are comfort and quality. Naturally, everybody wants their outfits not to limit their moves and last long. This is what we are achieving.

Ethical & Durable

We useGOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), and GRS (Global Recycle Standard)Certified fabrics in our production. We use nickel-free accessorises andwater-based prints upon organic product standards on our final products.High-quality materials and refined details help us achieve our comfort anddurability goals so that these products can pass from sibling to sibling. Thebottom line with this durability and quality, we partially avoid environmentaldisaster caused by the textile industry. 

Sustainable Income

As Kapbula, we gather small production businesses, like ateliers under our roof, to provide them business all year round for having a sustainable income. With our flexible production system, they can survive under fast fashion price pressure and fierce competition.

Reducing Waste

Do you know that only 60% of the garments consumed annually? Besides the non sold garments, leftover fabrics and waste from production are also piling up. As a result, the textile industry has a hand in one of the biggest environmental disasters in the modern world.

What do we do as Kapbula? We upcycle, recycle and reuse. We produce in small quantities so that our season end stock level is only 2%. Also, we use leftover fabrics for small accessories, face covers, packaging or as filling for some other accessories. As you can see, we manage to finish and use most of our fabrics, left overs and garments.


As you may be aware of the packaging might cause excessive waste. We use only recyclable hangtags, recycled paper bags for our shops. We reuse all the cardboard boxes repeatedly for delivery, and we do not pack our products in single bags and use recyclable "grüne punkte" big lot bags for delivery from production to shops.  

We believenot only self-effort will save the world, but also companies like us need tostep up to the plate. 


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