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Reusable and Recyclable Waste Bags

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K.A.N Bags, LLC is a suburban Chicago company that aims to reduce waste by creating reusable recycling and garbage bags. The idea for K.A.N Bags manifested after our founder Ryan grew tired of wasting money on disposable bags for his own recycling bin. One day, while cleaning the recycling bin of the disgusting residue caused by leaky disposable bags, the idea for K.A.N Bags was born.

K.A.N Bags was founded in Geneva, IL and hopes to help save the environment by decreasing society’s ecological footprint by reducing plastic waste. Choosing to purchase and use K.A.N Bags will help eliminate extra waste by reducing the amount of disposable plastic bags used in home recycling and garbage bins.

In addition to cutting down on waste, K.A.N Bags also helps prevent sticky residues and disgusting smells in your recycling bin, because the bags are waterproof and mold resistant, as well as machine washable. Better yet, our bags will also save consumers money over time, as there is no need to constantly be buying disposable bags for your recycling or garbage bin as you can simply reuse K.A.N Bags! Don't forget to check out our usage page to see how you can use K.A.N Bags in other facets of your life!


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