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It's all trash

Our swimwear designs are made from either ECONYL or REPREVE, both of which are pretty big deals in the eco-friendly fashion world. ECONYL is a recycled yarn made from old fishing nets that uses 60% less water and CO2 than traditional nylon. REPREVE is a fabulous fabric made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. It’s stretchy, water resistant and really soft.

It’s not on-trend 

We don’t believe in following the fast fashion hype, which is why our styles are designed to last you for years to come. Our seasonless, trendless pieces are created in small runs to avoid excess waste, but that also just makes them special and limited edition-y too.

It’s made in the best factory ever

Our swimwear is manufactured in the kindest factory in all of Bali. (Seminyak Beach to be precise). They’re not only lovely to their workers and pay them three times the national average, but they also provide free health care and a cooked lunch everyday. Yum. Their working conditions are on par with western standards and have been approved by the Indonesian Government, so you know they’re legit. Plus each worker also receives double wages for any overtime they do.

It’s zero-waste

The factory we work with has a zero-waste policy and they use biodegradable bags to ship the swimwear to me in the UK. Any fabric scraps are donated to local charity-based groups and they make monthly donations to Bali Streets Mums, a charity devoted to the welfare of women and children in Bali who make their living scavenging rubbish dumps.

It’s recyclable (mostly)

Our packaging is plastic free and most of it is made from either recycled paper or t-shirt offcuts. Even our hygiene liners are biodegradable (which is pretty bloody impressive!).  We’re working on creating a circular system so that one day our swimwear can be recycled too. Our dream is that when your Junk LDN piece is all loved out, you can return it to us and it’ll be made into something new. We’re not there just yet, but give us a min.

It’s easy to wash your junk

We always recommend handwashing our swimwear, to avoid releasing any unnecessary microfibres in the water system. Don’t be shocked, all swimwear releases microfibres as their fabric starts to break down over time (even ours). You can reduce the chances of this happening by caring for your Junk properly. That means avoiding the washing machine and harsh detergents, and leaving your swimwear to dry in the shade. Simple.


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