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Junk Run sends junk to a better place. We are committed to honouring the intrinsic value of all materials, moving them back into the community wherever possible.

Junk Run’s core business is to collect waste materials from its customers and transform them into resources by redistributing them for reuse or recycling, through innovation and sector collaboration. We maximise redistribution by helping to build resource recovery networks and by supporting community organisations, collectors, artisans and enthusiasts.

We are dedicated to sustainable practice and to reducing the environmental impacts of our operations and of our customers’ waste materials.

At Junk Run, we have a strong environmental philosophy

Junk Run is committed to:

Developing staff awareness of environmental issues and the expectations placed on them

Developing customer awareness of environmental issues, and engaging their support

Optimising material disposal according to the waste hierarchy (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Landfill)

Ensuring separation of all waste streams

Ensure correct disposal of hazardous waste

Reducing the negative impact of our vehicles on the environment

Exceeding all relevant legal and statutory environmental legislation


New Zealand