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Plant-based Ice-cream

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One man dreamed of creating the most unbelievably delicious ice cream.

It came out of the blue, but it made sense. He loved a scoop or two of the good stuff and had often talked about making something with his own two hands; a real product for real people.

He set to work in his small barn in Hampshire and when his wife decided to join him he named the company after her. On a cold winters day in December 2002 he walked across the field to the village pub and sold the very first tub of Jude's ice cream.


We are fortunate to live and work in an incredibly beautiful corner of our incredibly beautiful planet. The rolling hills of the South Downs remind us daily that we have a responsibility to protect our natural environment.

We have teamed up with Professor Mike Berners-Lee, one of the world's leading experts in carbon footprinting to make sure that Jude's is reducing carbon intensity as fast as possible. We have a target of a 43% reduction by 2030 from our 2020 base, and have achieved a 20% reduction so far. 

We make take-home tubs in plant based, dairy and lower calorie flavours, as well as lower sugar treats for kids and a growing range of desserts.

So cosy up and tuck into an old favourite, or go wild and try something new.

Our mission is to knock your socks off. Every time.


United Kingdom