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Our love for the ocean lead us to produce our swimwear using recycled fabric that derives from plastic that is found in our oceans

If there is one thing that you will quickly realise when you become a parent, it is that your children, despite being the smallest member of the family, often need the most clothes.

There are a variety of reasons for this, the main one is because they like to explore, they like to see the world around them, which means that they are likely to get a little grubby and need a change of clothes from time to time.

This is especially true when it comes to heading to the beach, where children will be constantly running backwards and forwards, in and out of the sea. Not to mention when it comes to heading home for the day, not only does this mean that you need to pack a change of clothes (yet more things to think about packing) but it also means that you need to ensure that you get your children out of their wet and sandy clothes. Trust us, they may as well be jellyfish when the time comes to tackle this job.

Here at Joseph & Alexander, we understand just what it is like to have children, which is why we took the time to develop our line of shorts. A rather impressive solution to just some of the headaches that come with being a parent.

Our shorts are transitional

One of the main things that we set out to achieve when we designed these shorts is that they would be transitional. Transitional means that you can wear them any time of day, not just at the beach. Whilst they are designed to be worn at the beach (or the pool for that matter) thanks to the style and patterns on these shorts, they are also perfect to be worn out for dinner too.

Our shorts are durable

It is so annoying as a parent when you buy something for your kids, only to find that it lasts 5 minutes. Our shorts are designed to stand the test of time. In fact, depending on the growth rate of your child and the size that you buy them, you can expect these shorts to last as long as 2 years. Which is a huge helping hand.