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Experience Jaquar’s green and social initiatives that reflect our enthusiasm towards building a sustainable and a better tomorrow. More than a choice, it is a necessity to conserve our resources that are fast depleting. Water is one such precious resource that is best conserved through Jaquar’s eco-friendly design ethos. This incredibly superior water-saving advantage can be experienced in our products like faucets,air-showers, sensor taps, efficient flushing systems etc through advanced technology. As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility, Jaquar’s eco-friendly and pollution-free (zero wastage) manufacturing plant further enhances our environmental and social concern by helping us treat water in a conscious and responsible way. After all for a company that draws inspiration from nature, conservation is second nature. As a major global manufacturer of bathing products, we at Jaquar are well aware of our responsibilities. Conservation of precious water as a natural resource has long been the primary goal of our sustainability efforts to help preserve the living planet for our future generations. Go Green is a philosophy embraced by Jaquar as a tenet of its design and production system to save water.