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iQ Renew is an Australian recycler operating and investing in innovative resource recovery solutions. iQ Renew is uniquely positioned to harvest, sort, process and transform Australia’s recyclables into valuable, high quality feedstocks for use in the re-manufacture of new and innovative products. 

We are focused on finding the highest value solution for recovered resources, with a particular focus on glass, plastic and paper, as well as a commitment to addressing the challenges of emerging waste streams including coffee pods, textiles and hard to recycle plastics.

We are investing in the development of a large-scale value chain for soft plastics in Australia and we recently merged with REDcycle, the consumer soft plastics collection scheme, which collects approximately 1.5 billion pieces of post-consumer soft plastics annually. We are also an early adopter of CurbCycle’s Curby program, providing a convenient way to recycle soft plastics from home using the existing yellow-lid bin.