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Hygiene Asia is a Singapore Brand specializing in providing water treatment solutions for different needs in Asia, from creating high quality disinfectant process water in food facilities to making potable drinking water in less developed Asia countries. Providing complete, user-friendly, mobile water treatment systems are our core competencies as our cleanLAB™ range of sanitizing dispensers and proprietary Hypochlor tablet with 45 years of research achievements top the world in chlorination technologies. In Singapore, where tropical weather favours rapid growth of spoilage and disease-causing microorganisms, we offer an exciting galore of easy water disinfectants enabled to bring everyday cleaning operations in food facilities or meat processing plants to the highest degree of hygiene possible. In 2015, we launch of cleanLAB™ EZ Grip patented dispenser to major public transport companies and shopping malls, in sync with government advisories for public places to be decontaminated in preparation for MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) that was a mass epidemic threat. As our products have been used by UNICEF in Ebola decontamination areas before, public building owners and cleaning contractors have the best assurances in keeping sanitizing practices to the highest standards with our unique dispensers and proven formula. To date, cleanLAB™ disinfectant solutions has been adopted by cleaning contractors for easy and assured frequent sanitizing of public toilets in SMRT stations, shopping malls, town council market toilets and also religious places like mosques. We are also active in Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and Myanmar to provide a wide range of water treatment solutions, including making potable drinking water from well water, sanitizing cattle houses, setting up of poultry facilities hygiene solutions. Providing complete, user-friendly and portable disinfectant solutions is one aspect of Hygiene Asia’s focus. This core is complemented with an important part of the disinfection quality equation: Testing and monitoring of disinfection control. At Hygiene Asia, we also take care of clients’ needs in monitoring the microorganism count of their products or environment. We understand that external laboratory tests bring about contamination, timing issues and are expensive due to the regular and frequent needs for such tests. Hence, we also offer new breakthrough monitoring technology in UK technology Speedy Breedy which exactly fits our vision to bring high grade, laboratory-quality portable equipment that allows monitoring to be done right at the point of concern. These complete end-to-end Hygiene solutions are dedicated to clients requiring consistent, high-performing quality standards across a wide array of industries from Agricultural farms, Food processing plants, Food repackaging facilities to retail, clean-in-place (CIP) critical control points in kitchens and restaurants. We pride ourselves on our systems’ extreme ease of use, ability to achieve high grade disinfection anywhere according to our clients’ wishes which result in higher productivity, happier workers and immediate rewards for our clients.