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How cleaning can change our future

By changing the way we clean, we can change the future of our planet. We believe our cleaning solutions help build a better world for now and generations to come. We can't take the hassle out of cleaning but we can make it safe and green.

Our founder, Marcel, was once the director and owner of a professional cleaning company. The hazardous chemicals in the products people at his company had to use were for him intolerable. These products literally did more harm than good. Chemicals of this kind are not only harmful to people, but also have a devastating impact on the environment. Things had to – and could – be done differently. Marcel sold his cleaning company and, with a team of like-minded people who shared his vision of a cleaner and better future, he created HYGENIQ.

HYGENIQ has been active on the professional cleaning market since 2012. The company now provides over 100 different green and safe products to hospitals, cleaning companies and countless businesses in the hospitality industry. These professional products are all highly effective because professionals only use the best products.

Given that HYGENIQ’s products are 100% green and 100% safe, they are also ideally suited to the needs of the consumer market.

HYGENIQ has therefore developed a line of 28 consumer products, each with a specific cleaning purpose. Glass, ovens, stainless steel, cars or entire kitchens: HYGENIQ is friendly to everything except dirt. A significant added advantage is that all the ingredients in the products are non-classified. This means that our products have no hazard pictograms, produce no hazardous fumes and users therefore do not need to wear gloves or take any other protective measures.

Through our products, HYGENIQ is working towards creating a future in which everyone contributes to a cleaner world. A world we will be proud to hand on to future generations. By changing the way we clean, we can change the future of our planet.

HYGENIQ: next generation cleaning!