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HYDROLITE is an industry-backed venture formed in 2016, wholly owned by Elbit Systems Ltd. (Israel) and comprising the technical team from the former Elbit Energy unit. With more than a decade of experience in development of AEMFC technology, HYDROLITE holds world-leading alkaline exchange membrane electrode and stack technology.

Over the past decade HYDROLITE has developed extensive, proprietary materials technology, pilot-scale production and device operation capabilities, and holds an extensive IP portfolio of 67 patent cases with more in the pipeline.

The team is strongly geared towards hydrogen systems and materials engineering expertise, with more than 90% of the staff directly engaged in technical development.

As the global demand for hydrogen solutions starts to grow exponentially – in recognition of the critical role of hydrogen as a carbon-free fuel in a zero-carbon economy – HYDROLITE’s superior Alkaline Exchange Membrane technology offers a compelling solution that combines the cost advantages of liquid Alkaline Fuel Cells and Electrolyzers, with the high performance of solid-state Proton Exchange Membrane devices.