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Every country needs to meet the basic necessities, which is to provide water and food, to its people. Living on Earth, this planet we call home, we have to develop sustainable solutions that supports the generation of these necessities that do little damage to the environment. 1-ECO is an eco-friendly brand, by Hydratech Industries, aimed at supplying environmentally friendly sewage solutions. We provide solutions that support the transportation of waste water from homes or commercial units to pipelines that eventually reach water recycling stations to be treated. The main products we supply are Polyethylene Inspection Chambers (PEIC), Polyethylene Grease Separators (PEGS) and Vitrified Clay Pipes (VCP). The technology improvement is in the bio-degradable material used and the reduced complexity of installation as compared to traditional methods. The products save both time and money and is much more eco-friendly. It is Hydratech Industries’ corporate & social responsibility in supporting the green construction industry. Without Mother Earth, there will not be you and me. Let us do our part in protecting the environment by connecting sustainable future.




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