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Vacuum Reforming is revolutionising how mixed, unsegregated waste is managed.  The process is sustainable, environmental and clean. It effectively deals with virtually all waste streams, eliminating the need for polluting landfill and incineration, replacing them with a zero emission total solution to waste.

It is often said the simple things in life are the best:

– Case in point –

Vacuum Reforming:

1 – Mixed unsegregated waste IN

2 – Vacuum Reforming process

3 – Cold Clean Syngas OUT

No Waste – Zero Emissions  (to the environment)

Land fill / land raise & Incineration all pollute the land, the air, water courses and the oceans.   Energy Recovery Facilities, the euphamism for Incinerators, are permitted to pollute, regulations  allow set levels of NOx, dust, organic carbon,  hydrogen chloride . . . . . it is quite a long list.


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