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Holy City Straw Company is a leading worldwide supplier of premium wheat and jumbo reed plant drinking straws and bamboo cutlery. We believe it is time for change! Petroleum-based plastic straws and cutlery are polluting our oceans, disrupting our ecosystems, impacting human health and contributing to the overall demise of our planet. Our Company was formed in 2019 to help solve the current “Drinking Straw and Cutlery” dilemma facing both businesses and consumers in today’s environmentally conscious world and evolving circular economy…identify, produce and distribute a 100% plant-based and cost-effective alternative without sacrificing the customer experience!

Our Solution…. Drinking straws made from the stems of natural wheat and reed plants and cutlery made from bamboo! Nature saves the day once again! Our line of earth straws and cutlery are the only non-manufactured, certified compostable, 100% biodegradable and certified 100% USDA bio-based products on the market today. Mother earth is our machine! Our products require minimal carbon usage during the beginning and of lifecycle

WHEAT STEM STRAWS: Our line of wheat straws are made from 100% reclaimed material left over after grain harvesting, with the leftover stems turning into our straws! This left over material would normally be burned, or used as livestock feed. It completely sustainable and renewable during each harvest. No dyes, glues, waxes, or polymers necessary. The straws are cut from wheat stems, washed three times using high temperature sterilization/salt water disinfection methods to remove any dirt and other impurities. No chemicals are ever used. Better yet, our premium wheat straws are, on average, and are hand selected to ensure superior drinkability.

REED STEM STRAWSOur line of premium reed straws are made from sustainable and renewable reed plants, and are perfect for smoothies, milkshakes, frozen cocktails, iced coffees or any hot or cold beverage. Reed is known as the cousin to bamboo with similar strength and durability. Our reed straws are 100% hand cut and require no manufacturing.   They are made without any harmful pesticides or chemicals.  The entire process is safe, non-toxic and completely organic. 

Elevate your to-go meals or events with a Holy City Straw Co. paper-wrapped natural bamboo cutlery set, which includes a fork, knife, spoon, and napkin. These disposable cutlery sets are carefully crafted from high grade bamboo that's durable, water resistant, and antibacterial/antimicrobial.  These eco classy sets will complement the aesthetic of any large event, carry-out cuisine, or dining establishment seeking a sustainable, plastic-free alternative to help minimize their carbon footprint.  



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