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How can hemp help us in our cause of sustainable development?

Hemp can produce clothes that take up one-third of the total water consumed by cotton. Hemp clothing lasts longer than cotton and is a light-weight and more breathable.

Hemp can be used to produce paper. Hemp paper can be made in 4 to 5 months; while production of conventional paper would need the cutting 20-year-old trees.

Hemp seeds also offer high nutritional value through the high content of Omega 3, lanolin and linolenic acids. The consumption of these acids is believed to improve cardiovascular health.

Hemp can also be used to biodegradable plastic. This unique bioplastic is not only toxin-free but also offers a long-term as well as an eco-friendly solution to reducing landfills.

Hemp can also be used as industrial hemp concrete in building materials. It offers superior acoustic insulation, advanced density, and efficient thermal conductivity.

Hemp oil is non-toxic, environmentally friendly and can be used to make long-lasting oil paints, candles, and other oil-based products.




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