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Happy Green Packaging is set to revolutionize the packaging industry in the Philippines with products that are SUSTAINABLE, RECYCLABLE and BIODEGRADABLE.

It is backed by Robin Co., Ltd.’s 30 years experience in manufacturing food safe packaging materials in the Philippines and China; serving more than 50 brands in Asia.

It has earned certifications by various international agencies and multinational companies for its modern facilities and systems.

It has partnered with global companies with the latest biotechnology and state-of-the-art equipment to provide its customers and brand owners complete packaging solutions to attain their sustainability pledges towards a circular economy.

Innate in the culture of Robin Co., Ltd. is the drive to seek creative solutions to customer needs. It is a constant pursuit to discover the newest and breakthrough technology in raw materials, equipment and processes that will bring about the most economic products with the least carbon footprint. Happy Green Packaging is a testament of this commitment.

Together with its partners and customers, Happy Green Packaging aims to make the earth smile again.