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Born out of love for discovering the world and to also allow that for many generations after us.

Discovering the world. Enjoying all the beauty planet earth has to offer. A wide variety of landscapes, beautiful nature and intriguing cultures. We love traveling and try to see as much of the world as possible. But traveling has also opened our eyes.

It is confronting to see orang-utans in Borneo losing more and more of their natural habitat. To see the enormous amount of pollution that’s oh so visible in Asia. Getting two diving licenses to discover the wonderful underwater world but ending up with facing the devastated fact that our coral reefs are bleaching and dying due to global warming. Seeing plastic everywhere. Deformed sea turtles, because they got trapped into six-pack rings at a young age, couldn’t get out of it and the body continued to grow around it.

We’ve all seen the images of a sea horse drifting the ocean with a cotton swab or another whale found dead, carrying 40 kilos of plastic in its stomach. These examples illustrate the enormous impact of pollution on our marine life and our oceans.