Energy Transition Of Renewable Energies

Company profile

HAFFNER ENERGY is a start-up of the energy transition in the field of renewable energies. The company developed a process of technological breakthrough, called HYNOCA ® and protected by 14 families of patents, allowing to produce renewable hydrogen from biomass by thermolysis.

This process produces a hydrogen aimed for mobility, with an energy efficiency from well to pump superior to 67 %, what will allow to reach a cost price of the hydrogen lower than €4 by kilo in the pump.

​A story of 40 years and more than 10 years of active development research

HAFFNER ENERGY directly arises from its integrated research department SOTEN, with 40 years of existence and 25 years of experience in engineering and turnkey hand realizations (EPC) of about 30 power plants, especially from biomass or waste. This experience allowed its leaders Philippe and Marc HAFFNER, to acquire skills in the cycle vapor, biomass and the combustion and gasification technologies.

This know-how and this experience allowed them to innovate and to give birth to HYNOCA...

The validation of the technologies by independent experts and the recognition of the Haffner Energy’s growth potential.

During the creation of Haffner Energy, EUREFI entered in the capital, as part of a partnership with the CAISSE DES DÉPOTS ET CONSIGNATIONS.

HAFFNER ENERGY is a member of the program " Accelerator SME 2017 " of Bpifrance which includes  60 companies selected for their potential of hypergrowth.

The company benefited from 4 PRI (regional partnerships in innovation) and was chosen by ADEME and CGI for the realization of a first demonstrator to produce renewable hydrogen, for which CGI brought €2.7M.