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Sustainable Building Materials

Company profile

GTEK RESOURCES SDN BHD, an established leader in supply and installation of geosynthetic products for stabilizing soft-soil foundation, retaining wall, protecting soil and environment.

GTEK Resources represents some of the world's most renowned manufacturers, and have amongst the widest product portfolios. Our company’s mission is to provide the best economical solution with unquestioned, beyond compare quality products and services to our clientele in containment industry.

Established in 2008 with the objective of taking over the role of Versell Corporation Sdn Bhd (established 2001) to support on pond, sanitary landfill and slope production industries in the market. As such, Versell Corporation Sdn Bhd will focus on the water tank linings and its related tank’s products. On the other hand GTEK Resources Sdn Bhd will focus on pond, sanitary landfill and slope protection products.

GTEK Resources has supplied and installed geomembranes used by various industries such as in the mining, the energy, waste management, water, and other civil engineering sectors.

Over the years, GTEK have grown its network, established a presence across South East Asia and forged strategic alliances with key partners across the globe.

Corporate History


VGM Group establishes Gtek Resources in specializing in the supply and installation of geosynthetics.


Gtek undertake major environmental lining works for Lynas Corporation waste residue pond in Gebeng, Kuantan.


Gtek begans partnering with Asia Aquaculture to supply and install HDPE geomembrane for Litopenaeus Vannamei grow-out ponds.


Gtek takeoffs their very first rainwater module tank system project in Penang, Malaysia.


Gtek becomes the leading distributor and installation of geosynthetic industry in Malaysia.



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