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Grounding Roots was founded in 2013 out of pure love and passion and has since evolved into a place that truly operates to serve the community with healthy, tasty and affordable organic juice options.

Whats sets Grounding Roots apart from the crowd is that we are medically driven! When creating a juice, we focus on the benefits first. We ask, why do you need this in your body, how will it help the person drinking it? Once we get the formula right for benefits, we then dial in on the taste. The taste is crucial for us. We do not want anyone puckering up when they drink our juice. We want it to be enjoyed. We believe that our body communicates to us and also knows what it needs. If a juice does not taste good to you, listen to that. We offer free juice flights to sample our juices, to ensure they are buying the right juice for their body. We want to see our customers thriving in their health. We have so many health testimonials, we believe that is our true success. 


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