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GRM Biowood International (S) Pte Ltd is the exclusive agent for GRM & Biowood branded reconstituted wood products in Singapore. Quality manufacturer of composite fire retardant building products such as decking, screening, wall paneling, cladding, ceiling, facades, street furniture, louver and flooring products providing environmentally friendly, fire resistant, low maintenance, versatile and easy installation composite timber alternative solutions for residential and commercial applications. In order to protect the environment and also contribute to the efforts of controlling global warming. PT. Green Resources Material Batam Indonesia continue to seek, develop and provide innovative solutions for any customer’s needs. Through the use of Biowood Architectural Fire Retardant Reconstituted Wood products, it is then possible to continue to achieve and provide you with sustainable, environmentally friendly range of products. To keep our global environment greener and minimize deforestation, by considering resource and energy use to manufacture such products, PT. Green Resources Material Batam Indonesia composite brands attempts to make people aware by introducing and implementing innovations and ideas such as using our recyclable, composite wood, and raising awareness of the amount of resources and energy involved. By using our composite wood, you are contributing to sustaining resources for today’s future – a perfect interaction between ecology and efficiency GRM’s range of composite wood had been awarded Singapore Green Building Product from SGBC. Also achieved green certified from Hong kong, Malaysia, Indonesia (Origin of the Product), Australia etc. We had also achieved the Certificate of Material Excellence from the Jury of Material Connexion 2012 (USA). Various tests had been done to further assured consumers of the quality of the composite wood from local and overseas labs eg. TUV, SETSCO, ATTAR etc. We assured quality, strength and visual.