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The company was founded in Singapore in the year 2007 to recycle large commercial volumes of organic agricultural and horticultural waste into valuable high quality organic fertilizer/compost. Using a unique fermentation and manufacturing process, it is able to recycle as much as 200 tons per day of organic waste. Other carbon-rich products that the company produces are Biochar and activated carbon from natural wood wastes using its proprietary pyrolysis technology.

Many environmental experts see biochar as one of the biggest agents of change in winning the battle against Global Warming. Biochar is widely known to be used in more than 50 applications across many industries like agriculture, water treatment, storm water management, odour control, husbandry, landscaping and many others.

In April 2016, GreenBack successfully produced biochar of international grade. GreenBack Biochar meets and exceeds the standards set by International Biochar Initiative (IBI). IBI Standards for biochar is one of the leading benchmarks for high quality biochar produced worldwide.

GreenBack has become a manufacturer and supplier of choice to many of our customers. Over 10,000 of our loyal customers can testify to our commitment to producing the best quality products for the market.