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It was summer 2019 when our creator Denise took a leap of faith… She simply had to make a change because she felt not enough was being done to help in past and present for future of our planet! After months of researching, designing, and building resilience against ‘sensible’ advice - the very first batch of us truly-planet-protecting poo bags was born! While the timing of the launch couldn’t have been more challenging, thankfully the urge to join others in creating positive impacts and protecting the environment from more harm was stronger than any obstacle found in the way. The word spread fast about our existence, witty personality, and abilities to make the stinky job easier and the planet happier and so our GREEN POOP BAG family started to grow.  We now have a wonderful family of supportive, like-minded superheros working together to do good. But the story doesn’t end here… You might think we are just one poo bag for a man, but we are actually part of a giant leap for mankind!  So stay tuned! ;)


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