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Green Links Lanka is the pioneer in electronic waste management in Sri Lanka and the only company which can provide a total solution for your e-waste. Currently we are offering customized e-waste management solutions for more than 300 corporate entities in Sri Lanka, including major blue chip companies, a large number of BOI companies and Banks. All our recycling activities are carried out in accordance with the universally accepted standards of e-waste management with due care given to our clients, employees and the environment. With our expertise in the field of e-waste recycling and the global partnerships we strive continuously to provide a world class e-waste management solution for our clients.

Our Vision

Towards an e-waste free Sri Lanka.

Our Mission

- To offer an effective and convenient solution for the electronic waste disposal problem of Sri Lanka.

- To provide our buyers a cost effective and environmentally friendly way of sourcing raw materials for their manufacturing purposes.

- Strive to make a long lasting relationship with our stakeholders ensuring the well-being of the company.


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