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Green Bags UAE refers to branding and advertising with an Eco-friendly approach. Our Green Bags are made from Natural fiber, material that Earth Loves.....

We, at Green Bags UAE, are inspired by and committed to environmental protection. From large corporates to individuals, we have been serving our products since our establishment in 2006. Our range of products consists of around thousands of varieties including ordinary shopping bags to high-end fashion bags accessories. You’ll also get custom-made and exceptionally designed bags according to your requirements at Green Bag UAE.


It is time everybody looks for a natural alternative for the mere existence of the world and the lives in it. Industrialization and technological advancement has made our life easier and comfortable, but they created the bubbles of artificiality that is going to burst in the end. Now eco-green is not a catchphrase to make scholastic speeches or debates. On the other hand, it is an attitude of simplicity and modesty to have a better future on earth.

Our aim is to nurture environmental alertness through the products that come from naturals resources without making any risk to the environment. Natural jute products give strength and long life to the world under the insecure grapes of global warming. We expect your assistance would be with us for the right cause because it's time to act with Individual Social Responsibility (ISR).


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