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The idea of using gravity to store energy is not new – pumped hydro storage systems can be found around the world. However such systems are reliant on very specific topography and can only be found at significant scale. The idea for Gravitricity’s energy storage system was developed by company founder and Technical Director Peter Fraenkel MBE.

Peter is a chartered mechanical engineer with a background in energy consultancy and technology R&D, and is also a visiting professor at the University of Edinburgh. 

He recognised the potential to develop a simple system – based on weights and winches – which could be deployed initially in mines and then wherever required, and in 2011 filed the first patent for Gravitricity technology.

Around 2012 he teamed up with businessman and venture capitalist Martin Wright (with whom he had previously co-founded tidal energy pioneer Marine Current Turbines). Together they secured early grant funding, which enabled them to progress the idea.

Charlie Blair joined the venture as Managing Director in 2016 and shortly thereafter Gravitricity secured £650,000 from Innovate UK to design and build a concept demonstrator.

During 2021 Gravitricity successfully constructed, commissioned, and operated a 250kW, grid-connected demonstration project using a 15 metre high rig at the Port of Leith, Edinburgh. The three-month test programme confirmed our modelling and will give us valuable data for our first full-scale projects.


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