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Award-winning, plant-based skincare carefully crafted from nature's ingredients to nurture women and care for the planet we share.

Everything we do is sustainable - from our organic - certified ingredients and recyclable packaging, to our charitable projects supporting conservation and female empowerment. Welcome to natural skincare created in Scotland that honours the beauty of women and our world.

Based in Scotland, Grace and Blumë is an award-winning luxury skincare brand, with a passion for products that are not only kind to your skin but also kind to our planet. The company launched in 2020, but the seed of the brand was planted years earlier with a journey taken by our founder to help her skin and that of her daughters.

Our founder's story

Having eczema as a young child, Laura knows only too well of the discomfort, and often embarassment, associated with this skin disease. Sadly, her youngest daughter suffered the same fate, and so began the journey to find products to ease the symptoms.

Reading ingredient labels, she became aware of so many irritants that could trigger inflammatory responses, and she began making her own products. She quickly realised that their skin was not as reactive and the flare ups were reducing in number, but to learn the complexities of skincare formulation, Laura began more in-depth research and studied with Formula Botanica to garner a greater understanding of the high quality, potent ingredients that could be used to improve her formulations.

Sourching the finest, sustainable ingredients is at the heart of our brand. All oils and essential oils used are organic certified and therefore fully traceable. We never use synthetic fragrances or colour and all products are palm oil free, vegan and cruelty free.

In recent years, Laura and her daughter have faced further skin issues in the wake of hormonal imbalances during menopause and teenage years, so what better name for the brand than Grace and Blumë, named after her daughters - Anna meaning 'grace' and Chloë meaning 'bloom' or 'blume' in Scots - whilst referencing aging gracefully and blooming into womanhood.

Grace and Blumë is organic luxury skincare to love and care for your extraordinary body.

Behold your own beauty.


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