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What started as a change in Personal life, became a Business with Purpose

For young parents with two kids, We (Yasmeen & Ali) go through the ingredient list of our shopping to make sure there are no nasty chemicals, colours or additives going into our food but without realising we were on our plastic free journey. Plastic being one of the nastiest things to have our food in contact with and then the massive impact it leaves on the environment and wildlife.

And, then some incidences in our life shape what we do or lead us to what we are today.

In 2016, my (Ali) dad got diagnosed with cancer which came as a shock to all of us and we started looking at all the options and treatments available in his best interest. Indeed it even brought us closer to products that are plastic-free and free from toxic chemicals.

We didn’t want to stop there and decided to take it further and help others too in their journey and decided to create a business- Let’s go Natureal with a purpose.

“We want people to quit plastic and do not use harmful products but without offering a proper solution or substitute, it won’t be possible. For example, we all know that plastic toothbrushes are not good for the environment but telling people not to use a plastic toothbrush without an alternate is no good, give them a solution”.

At Let’s Go Natureal, we offer Solutions. Solutions that are close to the nature, reusable and recyclable, toxic-free and plastic-free. All our products are ethically sourced and sustainably made. We go into deep details right from the concept to design of the product, raw material to the manufacturing process, packaging to logistics, making sure we reduce our impact on this planet. Creating products that last a long time and can be passed on from one generation to another like at the time of our grandparents is a sustainable solution.