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Environmentally Advanced Encasement Coatings

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GLOBAL Encasement, Inc. exists as a company because of the belief that Green, Environmentally advanced coatings can solve many building challenges including obsolete hazardous building materials, such as asbestos, lead-based paint. By sealing over most building surfaces including roofing with our industrial, protective green coatings you can eliminate removal and replacement, unnecessary exposure and prevent the creation of unwanted waste which helps protect people and the environment.

Our ongoing commitment is to excellence in the pursuit of environmentally advanced encasement coating solutions.

Our goal is to continually explore and define new possibilities for our products, thus providing our clients with the safest, highest quality, environmentally advanced solutions for their work and living environment.

In partnership with our clients and the community, we are dedicated to advancing the conservation of natural resources while establishing a social conscience for growth and overall well-being. We are always looking for answers to the challenges that lie ahead, aspiring to constant and never-ending improvement.


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