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There’s a familiar feel when you visit a Gerrand Floorings showroom. We’ve been part of the local community since 1986 and our team are proud to build on this history continuing our promise to deliver on quality service, product and price.

We’re still a locally owned family business – today operated by second generation, Leanne and her husband, Tony who’ve been at the helm since 2008 – and now often working with second generation clients who grew up in their family home on a Gerrand Floorings floor.

Being an independent store, free from any franchise restrictions or directives you’re still dealing with the same family values and ideals.  With this independence, they are able to be part of the Flooring Foundation umbrella with the Feltex and Godfrey Hirst brands – allowing clients access to national promotions and opportunities.

Over the years Gerrand Floorings name has been carried throughout the country and staff and vehicles are often seen in areas outside the Bay of Plenty.

Gerrand Floorings staff are called upon regularly by market leading floor covering suppliers and Floor NZ for their recommendations and comments on floor covering issues, initiatives, feedback and recommendations on industry improvements.

Gerrand Floorings have a strong relationship with many interior designers, architects, specifiers and local builders, both independent and volume operated – in conjunction with this they were a founding member and continue with their membership of Team local – a local programme for the construction industry recognising quality subcontractors.

Gerrand Floorings regularly feature as the dominant floor coverings supplier in the homes that win awards in the Bay of Plenty and Nationally.

Environmental focus

Sustainable flooring is both a focus for us and our suppliers. Our core suppliers are consistently developing innovative eco products and sourcing sustainable materials. There is focus on using sustainable manufacturing processes for many of their flooring options, Gerrand Flooring also go beyond production and look at ways we can help the environment through recycling and reusing offcuts and packaging. 

At Gerrand Floorings;

All our cardboard cores are recycled

Underlay offcuts are collected and sent back to the manufacturer to upcycle

Carpet uplifts are given to builders to use as slab protectors

Vinyl uplifts are recycled and upcycled as part of the Polyflor initiative.  See the Polyflor website for details here  

With an ongoing interest in sustainable and environmentally friendly products and practices Gerrand Floorings will endeavor to make a positive impact on the health of our environment and our consumers.

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