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Hey, we’re Genie. We make Super Natural Sodas — drinks you can enjoy worry-free. That’s because we only put good stuff in. No added sugar, no nasties. Just naturally tasty ingredients, packed with little wins like antioxidants and vitamins.

Good friendships make you feel good about everything else in life. Because when two come together, and things fit perfectly in place, that’s when you get a little sprinkle of the magic dust that makes life brilliant.

We’re Alex and Bill, and we’re the founders of Genie Drinks.

Maybe our story really began when we first met during our university years. Maybe it started when we both started working and realised we wanted something different from the normal career. Maybe it was first time Alex tasted natural fruit sodas from a street vendor in India. Or when Bill discovered the world of Kombucha working in the States.

Well, however our story started, we can at least tell you when we kicked things off.


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