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Since 2000 GECA has been dedicated to working with both the supply and demand of sustainable products and services. We're a purpose driven, not for profit that is motivated to work with manufacturers and businesses that can create a positive change for planet and people. Our certification scheme was the first of its kind in Australia and is recognised and or contributes to the many leading building certification programs in Australia and globally, such as Green Star, WELL, LEED, LBC and ISCA. GECA is proud to part of the Global Ecolababelling Network (GEN) with many leading international Type-1 environmental labels, which also play an important role in their respective countries. Mutual recognition though our GEN network makes it easier for companies to use environmental labels in other relevant countries. We can assist manufacturers with achieving certification in other GEN member countries and vice versa. We’ve developed our own rigorous standards, following ISO 14024 principles for global best practice in ecolabelling, which are then independently audited by JAS-ANZ accredited Conformance Assessment Bodies before a product can achieve GECA certification. We empower architects, builders, designers and consumers to have confidence in their purchasing decisions, and trust GECA certified products to be healthier, safer, and better for the environment. Providing transparent and independently audited products and services for ultimate peace of mind when purchasing.



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