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Biogas Upgrading Specialist

Company profile
ABOUT US We are specialist in Biogas upgrading systems (CDM Suitable). Our products covered all client’s requirements in Biogas application (Gas Engine, Gas Boilers & Gas Burner) Our mission is to advise our client’s to design Biogas system to meet applications requirements including to modify Boiler, Gas Burner (Client’s) to be used with Biogas with lowest cost. Including supply keys unit for Biogas Systems (See our product page) With more than 4 years experiences in 6 countries,Gas Step’s proud to offer you the best systems with Highest efficiency, safety, reliability at lowest cost & on time delivery. OUR SERVICES In general Biogas process diagram shown clearly our service. It’s including to design , supply, install and commissioning the whole units in single package. Our service excluding civil works and SCADA system only. Start from Taking Biogas from client’s AD(Digester Unit) until feeding Biogas into client’s application units. We kindly to advise client for PID design to maximum efficiency, safety, reliability.