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Plastic is found in our oceans, our landfills, our beaches and parks alike and more worryingly in tiny amounts in our water courses and even our fish.

One of the biggest challenges is eating on the go and the use of single use plastic cutlery which we rely so heavily upon. Well, there is a solution and we can help you to dramatically reduce your dependence on single use plastics such as cutlery by providing really amazing alternatives in the form of edible spoon.

Our edible spoons are made from flour and salt. We add flavours like aromatic spice. If you want a sweet alternative, we can offer chocolate flavours edible spoon. All have delicious flavours and none of our cutlery has added sugar or artificial colours.

Our spoons are 100% organic fresh, natural and eco-friendly. They contain zero preservatives and no added sugar, concentrates or artificial colours. As such they are supremely healthy and nutritious in their own right. Moreover, they taste delicious and smell aromatic providing the perfect complement to your meals and even better.

With edible spoons you have a dual benefit in that you can use your utensils to eat your food, then turn them into a healthy and nutritious snack also.

Once you’ve finished using these edible soon as practical utensils, you can munch your way through them as snacks in their very own right. How amazing and what a great solution to the single use plastic problem – we just have to eat it!

Even better they’ll be the crunchy accompaniments to our meals. Not only that, but you’ll dramatically reduce your dependence on plastic and help to address our global plastic pollution problem. Moreover, you’ll inspire others to do the same.

Do your bit for the environment and give your guests a treat. By choosing edible spoon instead of plastic spoons, you’re dramatically reducing your plastic use and the damage it does to the environment.


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