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Quality of product is paramount to us.  And so is protecting the environment.

All of our seating complies with all applicable legal, statutory, regulatory and occupational health and safety requirements. And they all carry a worldwide five-year manufacturer's warranty.

Ferco seating has earned a reputation as a global market leader of public seating; providing the best quality customised seating solutions for any venue. We recognise that Product Safety is a very important issue for our clients and view it as an integral part of our business.

 We employ a dedicated staff to champion all aspects of our product safety and to implement all Quality Assurance and Safety Systems applied to all of our product categories.

 Our products, processes and systems have been developed in line with safety legislation and guidance. We also seek specialist advice as required and keep updated on changes to the ever evolving demands of safety legislation.

 To reflect the growth in our global market, we use accredited testing houses to undertake product testing to ensure that our products are safe for sale, not only in Europe, but also to comply with safety legislation within the Far East, Middle East, United States and Australia.

Product safety in the UK is governed by a wide regulatory framework consisting of both national and European-derived legislation. The laws apply to any business involved in the import, manufacture and supply of goods to consumers.

Our seating complies with all applicable legal, statutory, regulatory and occupational health and safety requirements, and carry a worldwide five-year manufacturer’s warranty.

We conduct rigorous tests throughout our research and product development process to ensure the safety and quality of our seating. Key areas Ferco assess each product in their seating ranges:

 Safety - areas such as sharp edges and entrapment points in folding mechanisms

Stability – making sure a seat won’t topple if you lean back or sideways in it

Strength – ability to withstand normal use loads, as well as foreseeable misuse, such as standing on a seat

Durability – assessing the performance of the seat over its lifetime

Flammability – assessing the ability to withstand or extinguish various ignition sources 

ISO certification

We have ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 certification firmly in place. So our production management processes and environmental management systems incorporate the latest technology in terms of materials and construction methods. And they have been strictly regulated to achieve both maximum efficiency and minimum environmental impact.

We have stringent quality checks in place, from order to shipping out. These have been designed with a full documentation trail, which means our customers can be free of concern from start to finish. It also means we're making sure our carbon footprint is as small as possible.


We're passionate about the environment - and about providing world-class workplaces. All of our products are made in safe working environments that are as eco-friendly as possible. And we're constantly looking for new ways to improve our quality, environmental and safety management systems.