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We are here to transform air travel – fast. By accelerating the adoption of electric propulsion, we will help revolutionise personal mobility and transform our towns and cities with clean, noise-free electric air transportation.

The electric car is now a familiar concept and by 2030, it’s likely that almost all new cars sold will be electric. But for mobility to be truly sustainable – and for our towns and cities to be greener, quieter, more people-friendly spaces – we can, and must, aim higher. If we can make all-electric flight commercially possible, we can open up exciting new horizons in the way we live and travel.

Evolito was spun out in 2021 by YASA, the world-leading pioneer of automotive axial-flux electric motors acquired by Mercedes-Benz in July 2021, to exclusively commercialise YASA’s next-generation electric motor technology and IP for the rapidly-growing aerospace market. Evolito is funded by a portfolio of private investors including B-FLEXION and Oxford Science Enterprises (OSE).

We bring over a decade of experience in delivering & scaling electric propulsion technology into the EV passenger car market where customisation, quality and cost are critical.

Thanks to our experience supplying the series production automotive market, we know that power density, quality and scalability are critical to the success of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).



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