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Global Environmental Sustainability

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The Singapore-ETH Centre for Global Environmental Sustainability was established in Singapore in 2010 as a joint initiative between ETH Zurich and Singapore’s National Research Foundation (NRF), as part of the NRF’s CREATE campus. The Singapore-ETH Centre is an institution that frames a number of research programmes, the first of which is the Future Cities Laboratory (FCL) , followed by the Future Resilient Systems (FRS). The Singapore-ETH Centre aims to strengthen the capacity of Singapore and Switzerland to research, understand and actively respond to the challenges of global environmental sustainability. It is motivated by an aspiration to realise the highest potential for present and future societies. The centre serves as an intellectual hub for research, scholarship, entrepreneurship, postgraduate and postdoctoral training. It actively collaborates with local universities and research institutes and engages researchers with industry to facilitate technology transfer to benefit the public.