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South Africa’s largest waste management company, EnviroServ has been operating since 1979, headquartered in Gauteng, with depots around the country and regional branches in Mozambique and Uganda

We offer cost-effective solutions to complex hazardous and non-hazardous waste and chemical pollution problems, providing peace of mind around legal compliance, safe handling, transportation and treatment. We were first to market with many waste management solutions, some of which are still recognised as best practice. We are also proud to have become the first company to achieve an industry leading B-BBEE Level 1.

After more than four decades in business we remain pioneers because the drive to look for better ways of doing things is deeply embedded in our culture. We were established by forward thinkers with a social conscience - the kinds of people we still employ today.

In addition, by being the first – and for long periods – the only company to tackle complex waste management issues in South Africa, we’ve come to understand that sustainable waste management evolves with society’s needs, habits, and awareness of health and environmental prosperity. We have had to keep evolving to deal with new lifestyles and technologies leading to new and increased waste streams, as well as updated legislation.

We are dedicated to delivering innovative waste solutions that are environmentally responsible, effective and economically viable so that our customers can enhance sustainability and achieve environmental peace of mind.


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