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Enviropack Ltd is one of Europe’s leading suppliers of environmentally friendly packaging, offering an unrivalled range of diverse eco-friendly and compostable, biodegradable, recyclable products sourced from ethical and sustainable sources. Operating from a distribution complex in North West London. Enviropack distributes products internationally, providing customers with ready stock products as well as bespoke packaging.

With a focus on quality products, affordable prices, flexible volumes and outstanding customer service, Enviropack is well placed to service the needs and requirements of the food and catering operations of schools, NHS, universities, catering companies, bakeries, restaurants, cafes, takeaway shops, wholesale and private companies.

Enviropack also offers a full custom branding and bespoke packaging service thereby providing customers with tailored solutions that meet both their brand and environmental ambitions and objectives.

Enviropack operates in a responsible and transparent manner ensuring that products are manufactured and procured utilising only ethical processes and sources. Our products ranges are designed to reflect the following environmentally friendly initiatives: 

Use energy saving products to reduce your carbon footprint

Encourage the use of Reusable items that reduce waste

Recyclable products to help cut down on the volume of rubbish ending up in landfill sites

Climate change is the biggest challenge facing life on Earth today. Feeding the needs of the consumer society means pumping carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere - changing its composition and so making the earth warmer. The impact is already being felt. Extreme weather, drought, an increase in malaria, the melting of ice sheets, rises in sea levels and the disappearance of coral reefs have all been attributed to global warming produced by CO2 emissions. It is imperative that society begins to look at ways and means to reduce their carbon footprint through the use of energy saving products and initatives.

Furthermore, our thirst for consumer products is creating a throw away society which is polluting our environments on a global scale. From rising landfill mountains to toxic seas, our natural habitats are dying under the sheer rate and volume of consumer consumption. Through simple measures through the use of compostable, biodegradable, recyclable and reusable products we can make a significant impact to reduce this unsustainable level of degradation.

We have over 20 years experiance in the ecofriendly packaging field and have helped/consulted with numerous companies and brands meet their objectives of being a greener business. 


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