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Energus are Australia’s leading solar energy provider for business.

With over 70 years of combined industry experience and backed by a team operating in over 30 countries worldwide, Energus have unrivalled expertise in solar system design and installation. We run a pre-installation cross-analysis that incorporates different solar panel manufacturers, inverters, sun exposure, and rebates to ensure your business has the greatest return on investment it can with solar energy.

As a CEC approved retailer, Energus are committed to providing the latest and greatest solar technology and always adhere to the strictest installation standards. Our "solar technology agnostic" approach allows us to choose the best solar panels and inverters for your business that yields the best results. If the customer also specifies a certain manufacturer or panel, we can certainly cater to this.

We've been involved in many projects right across Australia including the Sydney Olympic Park, Australian National Maritime Museum, The Sydney Art Gallery and car dealerships like Volvo and Mercedes. Energus have installed 48 solar systems for schools across Australia and have worked with the NSW government and NSW police force.