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- ehabitat’s pre-fab system allows quick construction, reducing on site labour costs by up to 40%.

- ehabitat’s modular system utilizes low cost, ‘off the shelf’ materials which can be used with no cutting. This means all internal and external cladding (including glass) just ‘plugs’ straight into the frame.

- The system is space efficient and there are many clever built in storage and space saving options


- ehabitat’s simple cross section and modular nature allows you to add, adapt or transform your habitat to a changing budget, family or lifestyle.

energy efficient

- The entire system was conceived with passive solar principles in mind. This makes every ehabitat extremely cheap to run and good for the environment.

- They are designed for the temperate regions of Australia, but can be simply adapted for more tropical environs. We use low embodied energy and non ‘off gassing’ materials throughout.


- The simple design components allow limitless individual configurations, enabling you to shape and sculpt a plan to suit your way of life. The aesthetic is modern without being stark, many have remarked upon its elegant Japanese look.


- ehabitat includes exciting storage features, climatic control devices and built in furniture options which make your habitat a pleasure to live in.