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We are a family-owned business. We work hard to provide a huge range of sustainable and eco-friendly products available to everyone. Our goal is to reduce waste and limit the harm “conventional” items may have on our planet. We believe that each person should do their best to work within their ability to reduce their impact on our Earth.We only have one planet, we must make it last as long as possible.NZ Online shop for sustainable, non-toxic, family- and environment friendly eco products. Our product range replaces regular household items with eco-aware alternatives.We do NOT have a physical store.Our focus is to sell a wide range of good quality Eco products at affordable prices. We have chosen the name EcoWarehouse because we want to give you more sustainable, eco friendly, non-toxic alternatives to replace your everyday household items.We are passionate about Mother Earth and believe that environment friendly products should be easily available to every household in New Zealand.


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