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ECOSPEC Global Technology Pte Ltd is an enterprising Singapore-based research and development technological company that offers solutions to better the environment. Founded in 2001, Ecospec has since established itself as a market leader in advance emission reduction and environmental technologies with an international presence and numerous technology patents to its name.

In 2009, Ecospec introduced CSNOx, the world’s first 3-in-1 emission abatement system. CSNOx is currently the only commercially viable solution that is capable of effectively reducing harmful pollutants like sulphur dioxide (SO2) and nitrogen oxides (NOx) from vessel emissions. More impressively, the system has achieved unparalleled removal rates of carbon dioxide (CO2) from exhausts. Such removal rates are unrivalled by CO2 reduced through application of energy efficient measures. All three gases are removed in a single process, in a single system, without any chemicals. CSNOx uses Ecospec’s proprietary Ultra-Low Frequency waves to treat seawater, freshwater or brackish water.

  The treated water becomes highly reactive in removing CO2, SO2 and NOx. The resultant wash water also meets and surpasses IMO standards for discharge water, and CSNOx enables vessels to meet ECA 0.1% sulphur fuel regulations and the strictest IMO NOx Tier 3 engine requirements without engine change or distillate use.

Ecospec has gained world recognition and awards for this pioneering CSNOx and other environmental technologies such as the prestigious "Technology of the Year" global award at the Green Ship Technology Conference 2010 in Copenhagen, the “Environment Protection Award” at the Seatrade Asia Awards 2009 for its excellence and innovation in the Asian region, Singapore Business Federation’s “Green Technology Award 2014” and the latest “2015 Frost & Sullivan Singapore Environment Protection Solutions Company of the Year”.

Despite the accolades, Ecospec has not rested on its laurels but push forth to continually develop and introduce new products to the market, reinforcing its status as a research and development company that consistently presents groundbreaking green solutions for environmental problems.