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ECOSOFTT – Eco Solutions for Tomorrow Today is a globally-networked innovation catalyst that specialises in decentralized and integrated management of water, wastewater and environmental services.

Our technology-based solutions create measurable change and lasting impact in both the developed and developing world. As a social enterprise, we are built on the foundations of creating social impact whilst achieving sustainable growth.

Our team of world-class professionals design and implement solutions appropriate to the local context to create shared value for our customers and the communities we serve.

Our Water SMART Homes & Communities enable our customers and partners to: Reduce water wastage by up to 50% Recycle up to 80% of wastewater for non-potable reuse Discharge the remaining 20% to recharge water sources in an environmentally friendly way These technological innovations and tailor-made programmes are ideally suited for:

• Integrated Townships

• Residential Developments

• Schools, Colleges and Training Campuses

• Hotels, Resorts and Recreational Facilities

• Hospitals, Offices and Commercial Buildings

• Food Industries

• Agricultural Industries

Our global headquarters and product innovation functions are conducted under ECOSOFTT Pvt Ltd in Singapore. Our commercial projects and social impact activities are respectively carried out under Hindustan ECOSOFTT Pvt Ltd and SAAMARTH Social Service Organization & Charitable Trust in India.